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  Not Just Tanks, But Gateways To Wonder Home       Blog        Contact About me We're not just your average fish fans – we're Aquabout, a passionate community of freshwater fiends. For years, we've immersed ourselves in the mesmerizing world of fishkeeping, and now we're sharing our aquatic-obsessed adventures with you! Think of us as your virtual aquarium guide, overflowing with tips, tricks, and deep dives into the science behind those shimmering scales. Mission Turn your underwater fantasies into reality. From bubbling beginner tanks to lush aquascapes, we'll guide you to a thriving aquarium you'll love. Responsibility Dive into honest reviews and ethical practices for a vibrant underwater haven. Service us Aquabout serves up a smorgasbord of aquarium wisdom: Aquarium Life This comprehensive guide equips you with the knowledge to craft stunning aquascapes, curate thriving plant communities, choose harmonious fish companions, and provide the most appetizing f